Thursday, May 25, 2006


Namaste! People,

Wheat and Rose! Its one of the famous and greates short story in Hindi by Shri. Rambriksh Benipuri. What exactly the title symbolise, has always been a case of literary and erudite debate for decades.

Wheat, an important staple and also source of livelihood for millions, and the reason of livelihood for billions, is an essentiality. Without which one can't do! This is the minimum essential need for all human beings on this Mother Earth.

Whereas, Rose has always been termed with luxury, style, elan'. So, this are really two most contrast things in this world; metaphorically they stand apart.

Same happens with every being, phases come when they strive for luxury from essentiality. Just try and relate it to things in your life; you'll come across my point. I left Engineering, a fancy degree for Normal Graduation; an essentiality.

I guess I bored you guys a lot, with my insipid philosophy. Be prepared for the next post.....It will be different. In this very first post....I wanted to explain the idea behind the title.

.....Do keep me going.

[.........Naa jaane koi, naa jaane koi, kaisi hai meri kahani, hamari adhuri jindgaani....]


At 3:53 AM, Blogger anushree said...

hey raj...that was really nice. it helped me to enhance my knowledge. do contine with more. it would be my pleasure if i get the opportunity to read more of your posts...


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