Friday, May 26, 2006

India crashing!!!

Dear Fellow Citizens,
For last few days, there's been a lot of hullabuloo over quota. But before proceeding further, we need to know all the things pertaining it. The idea was mooted by British Raj in 19th Century, but didn't materialize owing to massive outrage, huge protest. Few caste have been suppressed for centuries and time immemorial, agreed! Our old system and ages old thinking, and superstition did the effect.

But now, things have changed! Society have moved on to be better. Divides have narrowed, virtually ended. However, much can't be done from public side regarding socio-economic factor. Quantum(their number) and application(economic status) matters!

Reservation won't be of any help. As it will create further divide, a great Indian Lacunae in society.

1. Those with quota, and thosw without it.

2. Without Quots's meritocracy will rise, inevitably due to competition. However, the worst part will be it shall create lots and lots of frustration, agony, hatred.
With quota's meritocracy will, but decline. As they will have an edge. Eventually, free meals maketh a person lazy. That's obviously should be a cause of concern for every Indian.

3. Hatred will emanate from all walks of society. India will be on Fire.

I'm not saying that OBC's or for that matter, any section of society is less meritorious, less intelligent. We all are equally important, equally talented and intelligent. We all know, Caste has nothing to do with it. Socio-economic condition has to.

So, if we want our country to have equality for all. Lets diminish the caste system, remove each and every quota, and bring in more and more development program for the less privileged ones. We all shall contribute to it. Quots is no solution. provide them with equal opportunity to study and excel. Make cumpolsory free primary education, meals, and free coachings for less privileged ones. Excellence has to be the keyword in this century, else we shall be left behind.

My fellow citizens, I come from OBC, but I don't believe in such systems, and I feel strongly for my country. My fellow Indians, ignoring caste and system, let me tell you this DECISION will do no good to anyone of us. Quotas at the max can only get you in. And remember, Getting in is easy, Getting out is not! And more tougher is getting out victorious. So I ask Governement to provide them with conditions which brings out the excellence. Making a beggar work for his bread, is better than giving him the bread. cause that bread won't last for long. Lets get united, and let Mr. Arjun Singh know that we won't let him play with the future of country. Not anymore, Mr. Singh. 59 years of politics has done enough harm.

I have certain plans and ideas to carry out a protest. But the most important thing is it has to be done in a peaceful and effective way, without bearing any effect on Indian Economy and without affecting a single Indian in bad way. After all, we all are here for better India. Our India. It doesn't pinch me, when anything pricks me personally, but I strongly feel for India. Join this movement, if you are willing to shed the baggage of selfishness. The Point here is: India.

Please send in your suggestion, advices, and comments...and also confirm your participation. Send this mail to as many people you can.

1. We can take up broom and sweep areas in front of Parliament. (Similarly, we will sweep away dirts of Parliaments)
2 Shoe polish in front of International Airport, And railway stations, in front of parliament. (let them know what they r doing to future of tommorows)
3 Put up a march with placards. (read it and understand it, if you can't listen to sentiments)
4 Black out everyday for 5-10 mins. continously till govt. reverts back. (after all, this will what the future be. Lets show them what their decision is going to do)
5. A Plantation drive / assemble school going children, street children and teach them in front of parliament. (Be assured Mr Singh, we are going to give them a lesson on caste differences etc. etc.)
6. take a bowl, and beg in front of parliament (obvioulsy, this is what people will do...beg for jobs, beg for livelihood)

Please revert back and send it to as many people you can. Please help me in mobilising support. Get back to me, who feel the same. We will achieve INDIA OF OUR DREAMS.

Rajeev Ranjan. /
IM me on Y! Messenger @ rajmanbharat
call me @ 9213130981


At 3:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, why don't you give a parliament! Am sure,they will stop and listen and take a note! very nicely written! Count me with you.

Sharad Saxena,

At 3:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 5:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree entirely with your points! Nicely jotted down some! These politicians shouuld be learnt a lesson!

Mitali Sharma

At 5:18 AM, Blogger Prashant said...



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