Wednesday, July 12, 2006

" We are not going to get peace in a begging bowl."

Well, they have striked again! And the rhetoric "Salaam Mumbai", is not going to take away their pain, anguish, and the loss. The sheer scale of fatalities in this latest coordinated serial explosions in Mumbai distinguishes it from the succession of many bombings in between 1994 and 2005. And it brings to mind largest ever terrorist strike on Indian soil - 1993 bomb blst where it left 257 dead and caused lossed into tunes of billions.

And this just seems to be an intervening link in the chain of terrorist strikes which has been ailing this country for long and large. Though the magnitude of the tragedy is high, modus-operandi quite same; but I wonder if it is going to break through the lethargy of state in the past. This is already apparent in the 'pro forma' statement issued by the prime minister condemning the attacks. When I read his statement today in the news paper, I was left very much shocked. "We all are united and any attempt to affect our solidarity will be thawed. The wheels of Economic achievement will keep on revolving. " Mr. Prime Minister, May I ask you one thing? Is the solidarity only meant for suffering together, wiping away each other's saline? Our 'determination to fight terror', and 'war against terrorism', I believe has only remained a poor rhetoric, which no tax-payer will be willing to take. After all, the defence and the Intelligence expenditure accounts for a major chunk of the budget, which otherwise could have been spent on works for "Mumabi's flood like situation", "powerless Delhi", if not for the poor farmers committing suicide in scores every week, malnourished children dying for want of food et al.
Meanwhile Pak's foreign minister Kasturi's remark that 'Unless the "real issue" of Kashmir was settled, such incidents will continue came a hard slap to The Indians like me. And our way of retaliation was condemning his attack, and gently chiding Pakistan to close their 'shops' of terrorism. Meanwhile, committing that peace talks will go on. What the **** is this supposed to be?
Are we not a mature nation?
Our intelligence have many a times clearly pointed that these terrorist organisation with whatever name (e.g. Lashkar-e-taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammed, Hizbul-ul-Muzahideen, harkat-ul-Muzahideen) are just handiwork, creations, instrumentalities and facade of the ISI, Pakistand sponsored principle intelligence(read, terrorist) organisation.

We understand that there can be no permanent strategy of defence against terrorism, as they will find some breach in it or erode them out through sustained effort. But we also understand there is lack of acumen among politicians, as they can't afford to loose the Muslim vote bank. But when will White collared people realise that they are also an integral part of this country and such attacks also mount losses on them, more than any one else; personal, economical and most important society. As everyone tends to look at them with suspicion because of the religious tag related and the concession doled out to terrorist because of vote.

Another case of hoodlum politics is Mr. Mulayam Singh, he wants that SIMI(students Islamic movement in India) be allowed to operate, and the ban on it should be revoked. In the last 5 years it has been banned there are enough evidences to prove that they have only got stronger. And more of SIMI's acitivst are taken up by other terrorist organisation.

Why can't we fight a straight war for once and for all, finsih that with elan. When I say this, I understand the intensity, magnitude and pressure involved. But with the international support rallying behind us we can afford to do so, as Interpol has also identified terrorist organisation are working from PoK, and Dawood staying in Pakistan. They reports say that Osama, and Dawood have both shifted to Baluchistan, civil war strifen area. We can do that. Offence is the best form of defence, we have to realise that. Unless India gets totally one sided, terrorism won't end. Neutalisation is not of any help; past experiences show that they only harm and don't do us a iota of gain.

And for that we need political acumen and we desperately need to get out of administrative lethargy. Because this cannot be achieved as long as policy makers seek to obtain peace by providing concessions to terrorist and their sponsors, or receive peace in a begging bowl!

We stand united!


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hey its really a nice piece buddy.. did it shake me up??? welll it did stir something inside me... a feelin that everyone has but is waitin to get loose.. keep it gng!!!!

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