Monday, September 11, 2006

Lagey Raho Munnabhai!

Yesterday I went down to watch "Lagey Raho Munnabhai..".
Star Cast: Sanjay Dutt(Munnabhai aka Murli Prasad), Arshad Warsi(Circuit aka Cirkeshwar), Vidya balan(Jhanvi), Boman Irani(Lucky), and Mahatma Gandhi.
My Rating: 9.5/10

I think the title best suited for the movie would have been 'Munnabhai MEETS Mahatma Gandhi", as the producers had previously decided. One should go out and watch this movie, without giving it a second thought. Its fabulous Movie I have seen in recent times.
Its just opposite to much hyped RDB affect. It shows the relevance of Gandhian idealism in this era. And it does so, in a very interesting way. I do not believe much in Gandhi'sm. But yes, it was one of the best moives I ever saw. Sanjay Dutt at his best, but the character I love the most was Arshad Warshi. He is a fantastic actor. Fabulous with great sense of comic timing.
Its better than Munnabhai MBBS.


Moving on to daily life, I bought a new phone LG AD6335.

The worst part:

1)Even the LG website(Global, as well as Asia-Pacific) does not have any information about their this product. Leave alone information, its not there in their catalogue.

2) Camera is not of good resolution. What makes the matter worse is, its flash. If you use the flash, you'll get a white blank picture. Since its flash is too close to eye-piece, or maybe the timing is not good. What surprises me is, although it has go 3840KB of space for camera pictures/videos. It allows you just 10 sec of recording. (See a pic tken with the camera)

3) This phone started 'hanging' the very first day it was in my hand. It had an option for muting the call the first day, which disappeared from the third day of my ownership. And it did pop up once again, all of a sudden. Just once.

4) Battery lif e is not good for an avid talker like me..just around 1 hr 20 mins. However they advertise it to be 3 hours.

5) Its flip-top structure is not good. it started shaking the very first day.

I have used Nokia, Sony Ericcson, Motorola, Haier, Spice, Samsung and this was m first hand at LG. The phone or the manufacturer, I shall ever consider will be in this preference...

1) Nokia. -Product is reliable and so is after sales service. There is nop software punga.

2) Spice - Its an Indian Company, and products are really good. With no problems occuring in my 5 months of ownership and also, its very very ver affordable compared to other companies and features.

3) Sony Ericcson. They are one of the best. Good looks, Nice features, economical than Nokia.

4) Motorola - Few products are really awesome.

And I won't ever consider the rest. Until and unless, one gives me money, and put a gun to my head....


Coffee Cuppa

For a number of days now, I've been frequented all the coffee outlets in Delhi NCR. I am a coffee die-hard-fan and a connisseur(spelling mistake, huh) . Of all the ones, I love The 'Barista'. It was the first Indian coffee chain, and they make the best coffee in the world(STARBUCKS is though number 1, i guess its presence all over the world does the trick).

What makes me wonder is how can a coffee chain make rubbish coffee? COSTA COFFEE is one of the worst....I donno whats their recipe for Cappucino is, but it tastes horrible. Ideally cappucino has milk, 1:3, coffee powder 1:3, foam 1:3. Barista does it 25:50:25. Still, it tastes good..maybe because they use Arabica coffee.

Then comes Americano, a lighter coffee. (Irony: America produces negligible amount of coffee requirement of world. While it is one of teh highest consumer. Its their brewing what make them famous. Same with Italiano. Italy does not have the requisite climate for producing coffee. Its again their blending, roasting method. And India is one of the largest producer of coffee. And the best ones: Malabar coffee. However it exports the raw material and imports the processed ones.

While filter coffees as u get everywhere: I don't drink it simply. I consider it A INDUSTRIAL WASTE.

SO, next time you are having a mug of coffeee....don't forget to invite me...............Love you, illy Coffee.


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